Next Jack Axes League - Starts April 17th!

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You know you’re curious!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of hurling an axe and watching it sink into the target.

Grab some friends, grab your co-workers, or grab your teammates, and come see what the indoor AXE-throwing phenomenon is all about!


At Jack Axes, we believe in having fun.

When you step through our doors the stresses of daily life will be cut away.

Bring your friends, grab a drink, and grab an AXE.

Choose from different game formats for a truly indelible experience.


While our mandate at Jack Axes is having fun…….chucking AXES brings out a primal desire to win.

To accommodate this, we’ve created several leagues where you can let your competitiveness take over, and battle it out to see WHO really throws the best AXE!

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